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Our purpose is to empower people
by providing education and leadership skills

Higher Online Education

Kjetil founded the University of Fredericton in 2005. Located in New Brunswick, Canada and one of the first fully online universities in the world.


At Sandermoen School of Business, the focus is on the essence of  leadership for personal, corporate and organizational success. 


The school offers online MBA and Executive MBA programs, Master´s Certificate and various specialty stream options designed to help students reach their unique career aspirations. From 2022 Sandermoen School of Business will also offer bachelor´s degrees (BBA). 


Considering an empowering online education? Get in touch for a free consultation. 

Business Consulting

Business consulting

Seeking exceptional performance, development, and growth for your business?


Having a partner with a broad global experience by your side that has seen businesses in all its phases will help you get a powerful perspective and find proven solutions faster. 

Business needs more than innovation, it needs empowering wisdom. 

Test our 7-step business system - get in touch and get a free 1-hour session!

Kjetil Sandermoen is the very best partner to organize and run the necessary processes to produce predictable business results corporate wide. He has provided us with an easy to understand, yet powerful concept; real organizational participation; this produce solutions, not reports – and we can be operative from day one!

Eivind Krokmo, Agder Energy, Norway

Mountain climber on peak


Personal coaching and mentoring

Even Olympic gold medalists continuously improve themselves to stay ahead of the competition.


Coaching improves what you are already good at but also makes you aware of your hidden resources and talents. Coaching is about empowerment.


We all need more than techniques and updates on the latest trends. Above all, we all need wisdom. Wisdom is a result of insights from a long life and based on connecting observations, know-how, skills and experience.


Coaching only based on success stories is not worth much. More important is to draw knowledge from failures that we understand and are willing to share with others. 


I am ready to have an empowering conversation with you get your free test session by getting in touch.

Investments and Venture Development

For early-stage businesses

Investments and

venture development

We are growth investors in educational and business technology. Our investments are based on both purpose and profit.

We understand that capital is just a part of the journey. Investments alone can only get you so far. Through our knowledge and experience we can actively empower the companies we invest in to realise their full potential. Understanding what to do, what not to do, and in what sequence to build the business, is the secret. 


Building a business from scratch is hard, and growing it is even harder. Guiding wisdom from someone who has done it successfully before and guided dozens of others on this journey, paired with capital, can truly unlock the potential of a business. 

We do more than invest - we partner. We empower and grow together. 

Get in touch for a first meeting.



Solid experience and passion, packed in books, created bestsellers internationally.

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