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Managmen Consulting


Management Consulting

The Why, What and How

This book gives an overview of ways to work as a management consultant, including relationships with clients, ethics, pricing, contracts and some basic tools for delivering consulting services.

This book was written for those who want to work in this area, for existing consultants, and also for managers and buyers of management consulting services.

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Organisational Structure
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Organisational Structure

Making Strategy Happen

How to create a functional, effective and efficient organisational structure. Typical structural problems and how to solve them. Examples from real-world wide client cases.

This book is for founders, shareholders, executives and everyone that is involved or interested in how to make successful organisational structures for a start-up company as well as a well-established global corporation.

The book is available in English, German, and Russian.

My Russian Wife

My Russian Wife

The book “My Russian Wife” is not a typical book about love and romance. It is about how you build a loving and lasting relationship despite of differences, but the book also contains insights about several aspects that are just as relevant for business as for personal life.

The book is available in English, German, Russian, and French.

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Corona Crisis Dilemmas

The corona crisis is forcing upon us several very serious dilemmas. How we solve a dilemma tells a lot about who we are.

How to
Manage Online

I have founded companies located 7’000 km and 5 – 6 time zones apart from where I live. And they are in the online business. How do you lead from a far distance? 

Network Instead of Hierarchy

The new trend, inspired by social-networks, is to talk about “network instead of hierarchy”

Integrity, Capability and Joyfulness

Every value has a cost. Why would we otherwise call it a “value”?!

Behid th Scenes


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