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Leather Briefcase


Kjetil Sandermoen

Founder & Chairman

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Sami Kalliola

Managing Director

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Andrew Sisto_edited.jpg

Andrew Sisto

Finance & Investment Director

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Jonas Sandermoen

General Counsel

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When we advise and invest, we want to play an active role in changing people's lives for the better.

Our Values

All values have a cost -
that is why they are called values


To have a clear “reason to be” is what drives us and guide us.



Without Integrity, Purpose can become misguided and destructive. We know what is professionally and ethically compliant, and we act accordingly. We know when to say no and to walk away.  


We are able and disciplined to utilise our resources, know-how, skills, and expertise to the optimum. But capabilities without integrity are dangerous. History has shown, again and again, how capable people and systems without integrity can destroy rather than develop.

Decisive Action

We are deliberate and analytical about what we do, but we believe in drawing unambiguous conclusions followed up by decisive action and implementation.

Without decisive action, capabilities will be in-effective and idle.


Being joyful and generous is a choice. We chose to work with people who are joyful, and givers rather than takers. Humorless and stingy people are unbearable and energy consuming.

But joyfulness without purpose, integrity, capabilities and without action-orientation is meaningless and self-serving.   

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