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Investment Philosophy


Abstract Glass Building

As growth equity and knowledge investors, we invest in growing companies that align with our values and our team's core competencies.

We understand that building great companies takes time, we invest with a long-term view and prefer to invest in teams that drive opportunities rather than being opportunity driven.

We roll up our sleeves and work closely with the founding team. Leveraging our team's capital and experiences to build sustainable growth.


We will invest across a broad range of sectors but have particular interest in technology companies impacting education, entertainment, B2B software, and sustainability.


We target companies that are in a growth or expansion stage, with a track record of revenue growth who will use the capital to accelerate various strategic initiatives.


Four thesis areas, one goal:

Empower people and teams

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The greatest lever to lifting millions out of poverty is access to higher education. We believe that digital first educational resources not only benefits humanity but also provides a strong investment opportunity.


We happen to be specialists here, having built and scaled one of North Americas
largest online universities.


B2B Software

Software is changing the way modern business is conducted. From connecting global teams during a pandemic to providing AI copilots to software developers and marketing leaders.


We are excited to support the
next generation of entrepreneurs powering modern businesses.



We are seeing an explosion of new platforms fueling the growth of the creator economy. Tools to both disseminate and capitalize on art, media and other digital content.


We believe that large and enduring businesses will be built around rethinking the way entertainment is consumed, managed and monetized.



Humans have an amazing ability to find innovative solutions to the world most complex problems. What gets us most excited is when people utilize nature’s own “natural processes” to solve complex environmental problems.


We believe that these solutions are not only environmentally sustainable but also produce sustainable businesses.


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Each company has different business support needs in addition to capital, so our approach differs per opportunity.

We offer tailored support that include advisory, business development, legal and compliance services.

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