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Image by Markus Winkler

When you write about what you know and where your passion lies, the pages of a book become vessels of knowledge that take you to a new world.
- Kjetil Sandermoen

Higher education - what is changing

Education – especially higher, degree granting education, is undergoing fundamental changes.

5 Reasons why Switzerland is Successful

Living in Switzerland and doing business from here means that I quite often get the question; why is Switzerland so successful? I have made a short list with 5 reasons.

Organisational Design - drivers

Always try to identify and define your client’s needs in order to understand how to build your structure. A need can be functional or emotional.

Decentralisation requires good control

Many organisations become centralised because of poor planning, unclear objectives, insufficient control and bad information systems. Centralisation becomes the mean to get control. It is “centralisation by default”.

Is your structure aligned with your purposes?

I share my knowledge about how to structure a company. I do it through a number of real client cases that I have been first-hand involved in. These are private businesses and public sector organisations, big and small.

The double leadership of the Professional Organisation

Professional organisations (e.g. legal and consulting companies, hospitals, theatres and universities) face a very specific challenge which can become a problem if it is not handled consciously.

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