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About the Founder

Kjetil Sandermoen

Entrepreneur, consultant, investor, author

From the sandy meadows (Sandermoen) in Norway, Kjetil Sandermoen became a determined founder, successful investor, internationally sought-after business coach, and bestselling author.


With a degree in economics from Karlstad University, his expertise is grounded in over three decades in business in all its phases, as an entrepreneur and by serving over 100 C-level clients and Management Teams across industries, covering 25+ countries on five continents. It all comes down to empower people and ventures.


During his career, Kjetil has served private and public clients and facilitated significant change programmes in companies, which have led to exponential performance development. He is a former Principal Associate and Professional Director at the Adizes Institute, has applied this methodology in consulting since 1988, and is certified in the advanced phases of it.


Kjetil pioneered online education by founding Management Vitality in the mid '90s, a managerial training company, and the University of Fredericton in 2005, one of the first fully online, accredited, degree-granting universities in the world.


His broad experience and passion, packed in books, made several of his books bestsellers internationally.


Kjetil was born in 1956, is married, has three children and he is living in Zug, Switzerland.

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